Whitwell Brass Band

Lucky Ball

The Lucky Ball is a weekly draw, linked in with the band's subs system which gives all who enter a chance of winning a cash prize.

Each playing member is required to have at least one ball per week with each ball costing 1. Fifty pence from every entry goes into band funds, the remainder goes into the prize fund.

The Lucky Ball is open to non-players because the more people that enter, the greater the prize fund will be.

For more information, email the .


19/07/2010 Kevin Stacey
12/07/2010 Richard Askew
28/06/2010 Sue Draper
21/06/2010 Paul Wood
14/06/2010 Gail Wood
07/06/2010 David Smalley
24/05/2010 Louise Stuart
17/05/2010 Bronwen Buttery
10/05/2010 Kevin Stacey
01/05/2010 Paul Wood
26/04/2010 Chris Smith
19/04/2010 Dave Emblen
12/04/2010 David Smalley
06/04/2010 NO WINNER (Prize rolled over)

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