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Name: Peter Wright

Location: Faringdon, Oxfordshire

Email: peterwrgh@aol.com

Hi all. I was a member of the band (cornet) in the 60's, until I joined up as an Army Musicain in the REME Staff Band. Nice to know the band still flourishes, even if I don't now recognise any of the names.

Posted at: 19:57 26/01/2015

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Name: Jess Marshall

Location: Doncaster

Email: jamarsh16@tiscali.co.uk

Hi Dave and the band,
Just a quick note to congratulate you on the 3rd at Butlins. I heard you play and thought you deserved higher. Good luck in the coming area's.
Dave if you need a mediochre euph player to help at any time. give me a cakll mate..

Best wishes
Jess Marshall

Posted at: 10:32 01/02/2013

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Name: David Whitwell

Location: New York, Ny, usa

Email: David@davidwhitwelltrombone.com

Website: Davidwhitwelltrombone.com

Greetings all!

I am a trombonist from New York, and I share your namesake! (my family emigrated from Whitwell to the US in the 1700s)
I wish you all the best, and if you ever need some trombone help, let me know!


Posted at: 7:15 25/05/2012

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Name: Simon gresswell

Location: Ilkeston

Email: simongresswell@hotmail.com

wishing all the band the best of luck this weekend at the area. I know we can do it.

Posted at: 16:12 09/03/2012

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Name: Howard Erskine

Location: Carlton-in-Lindrick

Email: howard_erskine@hotmail.com

Review of 'Brassed Off' from the Worksop Guardian: "a riveting, flawless and authentic must-see" Andrew Trendell

Posted at: 18:27 13/10/2011

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Name: Vicki

Location: Breaston, Derbyshire

Email: vickireek@hotmail.com

Really enjoyed the production of Brassed Off last night. Flugal Solo must have been extremely nerve racking! Well done to everyone.

Posted at: 16:45 09/10/2011

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Name: Howard Erskine

Location: Carlton-in-Lindrick

Email: howard_erskine@hotmail.com

"Break a leg" is a slang term for a curtsy, and a "leg" can be a term for a curtain at the side of a stage (ref: Wikipedia), so I wish that many legs are broken this week as you rush to take multiple curtain calls, with the Whitwell Players, in your joint production of "Brassed Off". I will be there for Friday's performance.

Posted at: 16:07 05/10/2011

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Name: Margaret Beeston

Location: Whitwell

Email: mar.glynn@btinternet.com

Lovely concert at Whitwell Methodist Chapel last night..good variety of music..loved the taster preview of Brassed Off at the Acorn...booking my ticket tomorrow! Well done Ryan & all the band.

Posted at: 16:33 25/09/2011

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Name: Lenny Marples

Location: Plymouth Devon

Email: Lenny@marpshome1.fsnet.co.uk

Message for Trevor & Steve Milner. Good to see you both are still actively playing. Long time passed since we played in Bolsover Silver Prize Band!! Long time no see or hear guys. Please get in touch. Lenny

Posted at: 21:11 28/06/2011

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Name: Mandy and Demi

Location: Creswell

Email: cornetlady@btinternet.com

Hiya. We would both like to thank all at band practise tonight for making us very welcome. Look forward to working with you in the future.

Posted at: 23:13 09/05/2011

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